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Proxy in SMM

A proxy is an intermediary server that allows users to access the internet anonymously by masking their IP address. In social media marketing, proxies are important because they enable marketers to manage multiple accounts from a single location without being detected by the social media platform. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to manage several accounts on different social media platforms simultaneously. By using a proxy, marketers can avoid being flagged or blocked by the social media platform for suspicious activity, which can help them to reach a wider audience and achieve their marketing goals more effectively. In addition, proxies can also help to gather data on competitor's activity, identify market trends, and monitor consumer sentiment.

Proxy Manager

To get access to Proxy manager click "Proxy Manager" from the main menu "Menu Proxies and VPNs".

On the left part you can see list of proxies.

Set of properties are visible on the right side. If you change any options click "Apply" after changing to save it.

"Proxy IP:Port" contains IP address and Port.

"Login" and "Pass" contain login and password for proxy.

"Reset IP" flag is to reset IP by URL before launching browser. It's useful when you need to force a proxy to change its IP address before using on mobile proxies (4G and 5G).

"Link to Reset IP" is a link to change IP address.

"Delay" delay in seconds to wait while proxy is changing its IP address.

"Simultaneous Usage" controls how many client can use the same proxy at once. Set this value to 1 if you want to make sure that only one account can use this proxy at this moment.

"Total counter of Usage" shows how many time the proxy has been used for the current project.

"Add As Single Proxy" adds it as a single proxy.

"Apply" applies any changes for the current proxy.

"Delete" deletes proxy from the list.

"Delete All" deletes all proxies from the list.


Set Proxy Settings

Use this tool to define Proxy for all accounts at once.

"Proxy", "Login" and "Pass" are used if you want to use one single proxy for all accounts.

"Any Available Proxy" if you want account use any free and available proxy. MassCrafter itself will evenly distribute the use of the proxy. If there is one proxy in the list, then it will be used.