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YouTube Accounts

Create, Add, Import, Export YouTube Accounts

YouTube Accounts

YouTube accounts are an essential part of the YouTube platform, allowing users to create and manage their own channels, upload videos, and engage with other users. With a YouTube account, users can personalize their channel by creating a profile, adding a profile picture, and writing a description of their channel's content. This not only helps users establish their brand and identity on the platform but also allows them to build a loyal following of subscribers who are interested in their content. YouTube accounts also provide valuable analytics and insights into a channel's performance, such as views, watch time, and engagement metrics, which can be used to optimize content and improve its visibility on the platform. Overall, having a YouTube account is critical for anyone looking to establish a presence on the platform, build an audience, and grow their brand or business through video content.

Account Manager

Account manager is a set to control all YouTube account, launching them in a single browser to work manually like in a standard browser. You can see all YouTube/Google account on the left side in the ClassView Windows.

There are several ways of adding account to the list.

  • Right Click and select "Add Account" to add a single account
  • Right Click and select "Load Account" to load account from a .txt file in format "John Doe:johndoe@gmail.com:password:jdrecovery@yahoo.com"


    You can use Groups for ease of management, especially if there are many accounts. Use context menu to operate with Groups like Add, Rename or Delete.

    Open Account in Browser

    If you want to launch any account in a single browser just double click it. It's useful to do some manual actions sometimes. After launching you are free to work with it like you do in a standard browser.

    Add Account

    Right click on Accounts and then click "Add Account". Then Fill in all the required fields ("Name", "Email", "Password" and "Recovery Email") in the window that appears.

    Limits are digital values to control usage of each account. We recommend to use your accounts safely to avoid banning.

    "YT Auto Activity" is a flag to activate auto activity once per period defined there. Google doesn't like unalive accounts.

    Avatars are flags that define type of avatars accounts have. It's very useful feature to assign accounts to each task especially if you have a lot of accounts.

    "Use Proxy" is a flag to use proxy for the current account. You can define single proxy or auto-select from the list.


    Load Accounts

    You can load google accounts from a .txt file. Right click and select "Load Accounts". Then select your txt file and click ok.

    Text file must be in format:

    Max Adkins:maxadkins@gmail.com:password:recovery@yahoo.com

    Mario Sullivan:mariosullivan@gmail.com:password:recovery@yahoo.com

    Ralph Dixon:ralphdixon@gmail.com:password:recovery@yahoo.com

    Earl Maldonado:earlmaldonado@gmail.com:password:recovery@yahoo.com

    Joel Farley:joelfarley@gmail.com:password:recovery@yahoo.com

    First column is a name of account. Second column is email. Third column is a password Fourth column is a recovery email

    # Name Email Password Recovery Email
    1 Max Adkins maxadkins@gmail.com password recovery@yahoo.com
    2 Mario Sullivan mariosullivan@gmail.com password recovery@yahoo.com
    3 Ralph Dixon ralphdixon@gmail.com password recovery@yahoo.com

    Delete Account

    Right click then click "Delete Account" if you want to delete account.

    Delete All Accounts

    "Delete All Accounts" allows to delete all accounts from the list.

    Add Group

    "Add Group" is to add new Group.

    Delete Group

    Select "Delete Group" to delete selected group.

    Rename Group

    Select "Rename Group" to rename the current group.


    If you want to change any properties of the account select "Properties". The dialog appears is the same like on adding new account. You're able to change name, email, password, avatars, auto activity, proxy etc.

    Quick Set Account Properties

    This option allows you to set account properties at once. They're applied to all accounts at once.