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YouTube Accounts

Add, Delete, Edit Comments and Replies


YouTube comments are an essential part of any successful YouTube channel, as they provide valuable feedback, engagement, and social proof for a video's content. When it comes to SEO, YouTube comments can help boost a video's ranking by increasing its engagement metrics, such as likes, replies, and shares. This is because engagement signals to YouTube's algorithm that a video is high-quality, relevant, and valuable to viewers, which can help it rank higher in search results and recommended videos. Automation software tools, such as MassCrafter, can help streamline the process of managing and engaging with YouTube comments by automating tasks such as commenting, liking, and replying to comments. This not only saves time and effort but also helps increase engagement and visibility for a channel's videos.

Add YT Tasks - Comment

Right click on “YT/Google Tasks” and then click “Add YT Task”. Actually, this container contains all YT Tasks you are working with, like comments, likes, subscribers, views, ranking etc., almost all YouTube tasks.

You can add new, edit, re-start and delete all tasks in here.




Comments and Replies

After clicking “Add YT Task” appears dialog window that contains a set of different dialogs for different tasks.

Enter name of the task - 1.

Make sure you chose Comments and Replies - 2.

Put link to the video in the field “Videos” and make sure “Videos from Following List” is checked – 3.

The listbox 4 contains list of comments that must be posted under the video. You can add them one by one clicking “Add” or insert at once clicking “InsertDlg”.

After choosing any comment you can enter account and comment itself - 5, 6. There are several ways to add account – enter it manually by name or click the button “F” and select any you want. If you use the tool “InsertDlg” then accounts must be defined automatically for each comment.

If you want a reply then check the “reply” button and enter account and comment for reply - 7,8.

Delay for posting each comment and reply can be defined in “Post in minutes” field - 9.

“Hold on the video Before Operation” contains time in seconds of watching the video before posting - 10. We recommend set it to 50% of watching or later to act naturally - 10.

When all accounts and comments are defined, click "Ok" to put all tasks of comments on schedule.

If you want to change or re-start right click on the task then select "Properties". Edit it and click "Ok" to re-schedule all tasks.

Another option is to duplicate task from context menu click "Copy YT Task".