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YouTube High Retention Views from Signed In and Unlogged Accounts

HR Views, 4000 watchtime hours


Logged and unlogged views refer to the number of views a video receives from viewers who are signed in to their YouTube account (logged) and those who are not (unlogged). While both types of views are important for a video's success and visibility, logged views are particularly valuable as they provide more data and engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, that can be used to improve a video's SEO and ranking on the platform. This is because logged views are associated with a specific user account, which allows YouTube's algorithm to track their behavior and interests more accurately, and provide more targeted and relevant recommendations and search results. However, unlogged views can still contribute to a video's overall success and reach, and should not be overlooked. By focusing on creating engaging and high-quality content, optimizing for search, and promoting videos across various channels, creators can increase their chances of success and reach on both logged and unlogged views. Overall, both types of views are important for building a successful channel on YouTube, improving its SEO, and growing its audience and influence.

YouTube's 4000 watchtime hour requirement refers to the minimum amount of watch time that a channel needs to accumulate in a year to qualify for monetization. This requirement was introduced as a measure to ensure that only high-quality and engaging content is being monetized on the platform, and to discourage spammy or low-quality channels from profiting from their videos. Achieving 4000 watchtime hours can be a significant challenge for new and smaller channels, but it can be accomplished by consistently creating high-quality and engaging content, optimizing for search, promoting videos across various channels, and engaging with viewers through comments and social media. By meeting this requirement, creators can unlock a range of monetization options, such as ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, that can help them earn a sustainable income from their channel. Overall, YouTube's 4000 watchtime hour requirement is an important metric for measuring a channel's success and eligibility for monetization, and should be approached strategically and responsibly by creators who are serious about building a sustainable career on the platform.

Add YT Tasks - Views from Signed or Unsigned Accounts

Right click on “YT/Google Tasks” and then click “Add YT Task”, then select “Views from Signed or Unsigned Accounts” - 1.

Enter the video into field 2.

Make sure that flag 3 is checked.

Hold on Video 4 defines time of watching the video.

Unsigned Views 5 – contains total number of views that must be delivered to the video. You can use unsigned views if you don’t have enough number of accounts.

Then click “Ok” to put tasks on schedule.




You can use signed views as well, just check "Signed Views from Accounts" and specify accounts you want to use