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YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers and Suggested Videos

Add, Delete and Edit Views, Likes, Subscribers and Suggested Videos


YouTube views, likes, and subscribers are essential metrics for measuring the success and visibility of a video and channel on the platform. Views represent the number of times a video has been watched, and the more views a video has, the higher its ranking in search results and suggested videos. Likes are a measure of a video's popularity and quality, and can also help increase its ranking by signaling to YouTube's algorithm that it's engaging and valuable to viewers. Subscribers are perhaps the most valuable metric, as they represent a loyal and engaged audience that is interested in a channel's content and regularly watches and shares its videos. This not only helps improve a channel's visibility and ranking on the platform but also provides valuable social proof for potential new viewers. Overall, YouTube views, likes, and subscribers are crucial for building a successful channel on the platform, improving its SEO, and growing its audience and influence. By focusing on creating engaging and high-quality content, optimizing for search, and promoting videos across various channels, creators can increase their chances of success and reach on YouTube.

Suggested videos are an important feature of the YouTube platform, as they help drive engagement, views, and watch time for a channel's content. When a viewer finishes watching a video, YouTube's algorithm suggests related videos that may be of interest based on their viewing history and preferences. This not only helps viewers discover new content and channels but also provides an opportunity for creators to reach a wider audience and improve their visibility on the platform. By optimizing their videos for suggested video rankings, creators can increase their chances of being recommended to viewers and growing their audience and engagement metrics. This can be achieved by creating engaging, high-quality content, optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags for relevant keywords, and encouraging viewers to like, comment, and share their videos. Overall, suggested videos are a powerful tool for improving a channel's reach and visibility on YouTube, and should be leveraged strategically as part of a comprehensive video marketing strategy.

Add YT Tasks - Views, Likes, Subscribers and Suggested Videos

Right click on “YT/Google Tasks” and then click “Add YT Task”, then select “Views, Likes, Subscribers, Suggested” - 1.

Enter the video into field 2.

Set tasks you want to apply to the video 3, like Views, Likes, Subscribe.

If you want to promote video or channel like Suggested video check “Prefer Suggested on MainPage Before” and Prefer “Suggested of this channel on RightSide After” 4, then enter the channel name 5, which video prefer to click for viewing and liking.

“Hold on Video” contains time of viewing 6.

Then you need to define accounts for operations, click the button “F” - 7.




You can select accounts you want to use for operations. On the right side choose group of accounts to choose from 1.

All accounts from the selected groups are listed in the middle listbox.

Then generate final list by clicking “<--Generate” or “<--All”.


You can see all accounts here - 1.

Then click Ok - 2, to schedule all tasks.